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Condominium Air Duct Cleaning Solutions


Condo Duct Cleaning and its prominent role for healthy environment.

As we all didn’t know that the pollutants in indoor air is more when compared to the outdoor air. But it is proved by USEPA. When every time the furnace or the air conditioner is in operation, the dirt particles like dust, air pollen, pet dander, other dust inside, debris and other pollutants are drawn into the machines. This will get stagnant as the days getting more and forms bacteria, fungus etc. out of this.That is when Condo Air Duct Cleaning comes in handy!

What a lot of condominium owners are not aware of is that when we switch on the air conditioners again, the air with pollutants will spread throughout the condo and because of this all persons, children and pets gets affected with so many diseases. Especially the people with respiratory problems, asthma, allergies will affect more easily. People now have the facility designed to hire condominium duct cleaning solutions in order  to improve the freshness and indoor air quality.

Especially people who live in condominiums have the same problem with indoor contaminants as their owners and they should have their entire air duct system cleaned by professionals. By having the in-suite exhausts, heating/cooling systems and clothing dryers cleaned, condo management team is providing the residents with nice breathing environment. Cleaning the laundry systems and dryers are very much essential to reduce the risk of fire and it is helpful to increase the energy efficiency.

The condominium air duct cleaning method used by Dust Chasers Duct Cleaning consists of power vacuum and an air compressor, this type of system, a similar designed unit allow technicians to clean the condo’s entire duct system. Most companies use the current apartment air duct cleaning equipment technology available. For example: robotic duct cleaning equipment is becoming popular as it is used by so many companies.

Many condos have the systems which is not taken care and most of the people are suffering from a disease called sick building syndrome. The Main causes of it includes toxins in carpets, treated wood products, cleaning products, pesticides and certain types of plastic material emits VOC  (a bad component) in the air, viruses, bacteria etc. were present in the air. The Moist and dirty air ducts is the perfect home for dust mites and harmful organisms. Especially most of the condos have an extensive duct system, it is must to maintain a healthy environment with clean air to make the residents healthy. Condo associations need to take care of the residents by providing regular check visits for cleaning of ducts by cleaning professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The service was for a multi level townhome (female owned) with flexible heating/cooling, dryer and bathroom vents after some renovations and becoming the new homeowner. I was so pleased with their professionalism and knowledge. They took the time to explain what they did and what I needed to do in the future to maintain my home's venting systems on my own, for example when my furnace filter would need replacing (it's a high velocity electric/hot water furnace). I will definitely have them back next year for my dryer vent (condo building regulation - must clean dryer vent annually to prevent fires).

Best service ever. They can in and showed me everything they were doing and why. Excellent customer service and very friendly. Very impressed at the out come of my home. I will be hiring them every year for my ducts.


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