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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Solutions;

Who needs Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?We have all heard the warnings, the dangers of unhealthy air quality in our offices or work places created by the heating and cooling systems we depend on. But just how serious are these dangers, and what action can we take to reduce these risks?

Although there are many opinions on this subject, the fact is that each day we create contaminants in our offices such as dander, dust, mold, pollen, and animal hair to name a few. In an average sized office, this can add up to as much as 40 pounds of pollutants per day. These particles are pulled into your commercial duct work system each time it turns on and circulated throughout your workplace on a daily basis. Over time, these contaminants can cause a serious build up in your commercial duct work and HVAC system. Although dirty air ducts do not necessarily mean your office has unhealthy air – it can be contributing to other long term issues. This can be of particular concern to those households with members that suffer from breathing problems.
But do you really need commercial duct cleaning services? After all, we all change our furnace filters on a regular basis just like we are told, right? So what are the
benefits of having your commercial air ducts professionally cleaned?

A simple rule of thumb is if your ducts look dusty or dirty, yes, they should be inspected and cleaned by a qualified professionals. Especially if you live in a workplace where you have pets, cigarette or cigar smoke, water damage, office renovations or a new office build, or people in your workplace with compromised respiratory systems. In doing so, you will see the benefits of professional commercial duct cleaning in your office.

First, as earlier mentioned, the reduction of contaminants can ease the issues of those who suffer from Asthma and allergies. Improved air quality is beneficial to elderly, and young children that can also suffer the adverse effects of compromised air quality. Over longer periods of time, these contaminants could contribute to larger health issues such as autoimmune disorders and environment allergies.
There is also evidence that having your air ducts cleaned regularly by a reputable, certified professional can improve the performance and lifespan of your HVAC system. Whether you are heating or cooling your work space, your system is not having to work nearly as hard to keep your office at temperature if it is clean. If each time your system turns on it is recirculating dust and debris, it is working much harder than necessary. Keeping your system free of dust and debris can mean you see a difference on your energy bills, as well an increase in longevity for your entire heating and cooling system. Similar to changing the filter in your furnace on a regular basis, so is the importance of cleaning the system in its entirety.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning offers a simple solution to those soiled ducts. This process allows for contaminant build up to be removed through the use of agitation devices like brushes, compressed air, and vacuums. The amount of time it takes to clean a commercial duct work system depends on many factors. The size of the office, the type of system and commercial ducts in place, and the level of contamination to name a few. A certified, trained professional will do a complete and thorough inspection and cleaning of your system, leaving your ducts clean and your air quality intact.
As in any industry, it is critical that you do your research. there are companies that are simply there to make a quick buck. Often referred to as “blow and go”, these companies are usually unqualified and incapable of doing a complete commercial duct work cleaning. It is recommended that you invite two or three companies to inspect your office, and give a detailed quote of how their time and efforts will be spent, and at what cost to you. This is also a good time to ask for credentials and training certification from the service providers.

There are many resources available to check the references and standing of any Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Company, such as the Home Stars and other industry associations. This way you can breathe easy, in knowing that you have hired the right company and had a quality commercial air duct cleaning done by trained, certified professionals.

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Excellent top quality service. I spoke to Alex addressing my issue which was that we recently did some renovation work to the ceiling in our home and we were concerned about the amount of dust in our air ducts. On the day of service, 2 fine technicians arrived on time with some great added advice and very structured operation. They arrived on time, they showed respect for our home and performed their work in a very effective way with minimum disturbance to our rooms.

These guys are the real deal! They were on time, called me 30 minutes prior of their arrival (as promised to me by the manager over the phone) so I could secure my cats, walked me through the process, showed me pictures and videos of before and after, I am happy with this company.

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